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      C-myc amplification in precancerous lesions of oral cavity and larynx [1]
      C-reactive protein as a systemic marker of inflammation in periodontitis [1]
      C-reactive protein as an early predictor for anastomotic leakage in elective abdominal surgery [1]
      C-reactive protein as an inflammatory marker in monitoring therapy effectiveness of acute odontogenic infections [1]
      C-reaktivni protein kao inflamatorni marker u proceni efikasnosti lečenja akutnih dentogenih infekcija [1]
      CAD/CAM tehnologija u planiranju i izradi skeleta parcijalnih proteza [1]
      Calcitonin gene-related peptide levels in saliva of patients with burning mouth syndrome [1]
      Calcium and magnesium content in hard tissues of rats under condition of subchronic lead intoxication [1]
      Calcium phosphate crystal forms in human jaw bones of changed osteoporotic structure [1]
      Calcium phosphate materials in bone tissue engineering [1]
      Calculation of maximum tensile and shear forces in restorative materials using finite element method [1]
      Camphor and rutin, compounds of distinct origin combating Candida albicans [1]
      Canal wall thickness after preparation with NiTi rotary files [1]
      Cancer genes alterations and HPV infection in oral squamous cell carcinoma [1]
      Cardiac disorders in BMD patients with distal gene deletions [1]
      Cardiovascular variability and beta-ARs gene expression at two stages of doxorubicin - Induced cardiomyopathy [1]
      Caregivers' attitudes, knowledge and practices of oral care at nursing homes in Serbia [1]
      Case series: clinical findings and oral rehabilitation of patients with amelogenesis imperfecta. [1]
      Cataract, ocular surgery, aphakia, and the chromatic expression of the painter Jovan Bijelić [1]
      Celiac disease-specific and inflammatory bowel disease-related antibodies in patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis [1]