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      Happiness among dentists: a multi-scale, multi-national study from 21 countries [1]
      Hard dental tissue minimal-invasive preparation using contemporary polymer rotating instruments and laser [1]
      HBV infekcija – rizik u stomatološkoj praksi [1]
      Health care realization in health-houses [1]
      Health care system of the Republic of Serbia in the period 2004-2012 [1]
      Health care systems [1]
      Health characteristics of older population of Serbia and use of health care [1]
      Health habits, attitudes and behavior towards oral health of children with epilepsy [1]
      Health habits, attitudes and behavior towards oral health of psychiatric patients [1]
      Health quality of life and life satisfaction of older people [1]
      Health safety multidisciplinary approach to the study of oral health quality of life [1]
      Health-related quality of life in elderly patients hospitalized with chronic heart failure [1]
      Heat generation during implant placement in low-density bone: effect of surgical technique, insertion torque and implant macro design [1]
      Hedgehog signaling pathway and vitamin D receptor gene variants as potential risk factors in odontogenic cystic lesions [1]
      Helicobacter pylori in dental plaque in patients with gastric and duodenal disease [1]
      Heliobacter pylori u dentalnom plaku kod pacijenata sa oboljenjem želuca i duodenuma [1]
      Hematokrit [1]
      Hemijski sastav i antimikrobna aktivnost etarskog ulja pitome nane (Mentha piperita L.) [1]
      Hemijsko-mehaničko uklanjanje karijesa [1]
      Hemioprofilaksa oralnih oboljenja [1]