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dc.creatorTihaček-Šojić, Ljiljana
dc.creatorMilić, Aleksandra
dc.description.abstractThe objectives of this study were to determine the possibility of using different composite materials opposing dental elements of removable partial denture after analyzing laboratory simulated changes of thickness and volume when placed in antagonistic contact with Co-Cr- Mo alloy, and also according to clinical evaluations of changes on restorations made out of these materials after 6, 12, 24 and 36 months in use. 8 different groups of dental materials were formed, each containing 20 samples of the same dimensions and thickness of 2 mm. The control group was formed out of the same number of samples of intact enamel tissue. The composite materials that were examined were as follows: Valiant, Pertac, Heliomolar and Herculite XRV, while glass-ionomers were Compoglass™, Ketac fil, Ketac silver and Dyract. Using the universal electronic testing machine 'INSTRON' model 1185, impact wear was simulated with 3000 of antagonistic contacts daily. Clinical evaluations were done using modified codes and criteria as originally described by Cvar and Ryge. The results obtained from this study showed that: - All composites and Glass-ionomer materials Compoglass™, Dyract demonstrated acceptable dimensional and volume changes; - Clinical assessment of the composite and glass-ionomer restorations showed that changes, occurred on the materials, did not induce loss of fillings, degradation and secondary caries; - Analyzed materials can be used as restorations opposing elements of the removable partial denture, but preference should be given to composites, than to compomers and at least to glass-ionomers.en
dc.publisherUdruženje stomatologa Balkana
dc.sourceBalkan Journal of Stomatology
dc.subjectremovable partial dentureen
dc.titleExperimental and clinical analyze of different dental materials in antagonistic contact with Co-Cr-Mo alloyen
dcterms.abstractТихачек-Шојић, Љиљана; Милић, Aлександра;
dc.citation.other5(1): 50-53

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