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dc.creatorStajčić, Zoran
dc.creatorStojčev, Ljiljana
dc.creatorMileusnić, Ivan
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this study was to investigate the quantity of the residual bone above the mental foramen/canal relevant to insertion of dental implants. Measurements were performed on 39 dried mandibles that were sectioned perpendicular through the mental foramen. The thickness of bone was measured from the alveolar crest to the mental foramen and the mental canal, as well as from the mental canal to the lingual cortex. Mean distance between the alveolar crest and the mental foramen was 14.79 mm, ranging from 5.3 mm to 21.2 mm. The bony height measured between the alveolar crest and the mental canal was 17.34 mm, ranging from 6.67 mm to 24.43 mm. The mean difference was 2.99 mm, ranging from 0.5 to 6.33 mm. Bone thickness measured between the mental canal and the lingual cortex was 5.43 mm, ranging from 2.43 mm to 8.97 mm. It is concluded that the distance between the alveolar crest and the mental foramen can be used as a reliable guide for the length of an implant to be inserted in the region of the mental foramen. Such an implant can be 2 mm longer than this distance.en
dc.publisherUdruženje stomatologa Balkana
dc.sourceBalkan Journal of Stomatology
dc.subjectMental Foramenen
dc.subjectDental Implanten
dc.titleAssessment of available bone in the region of the mental foramen for insertion of dental implantsen
dcterms.abstractСтојчев, Љиљана; Стајчић, Зоран; Милеуснић, Иван;
dc.citation.other7(2): 87-90

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