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dc.creatorZhang, Ling
dc.creatorMagni, Elisa
dc.creatorRadović, Ivana
dc.creatorWang, Ying-jie
dc.creatorChen, Ji-hua
dc.creatorFerrari, Marco
dc.description.abstractPurpose: To evaluate the effect of different curing modes of dual-curing luting systems and root regions on the pushout strength of fiber posts to intraradicular dentin. Materials and Methods: Forty-two extracted premolars with a single root canal were sectioned at the cementoenamel junction and the roots were enclodontically treated. The roots were divided into two groups according to two dual-curing luting systems: (1) XP BOND-Dual Cure/Calibra resin cement; (2) XP BOND-Dual Cure/FluoroCore 2. For each luting system, three different curing modes were applied to the dentin adhesive and resin cement: "Self-cure and Self-cure (SC&SC)", "Self-cure and Dual-cure (SC&DC)", and "Dual-cure and Dual-cure (DC&DC)". Translucent Easy fiber posts (Dentsply Maillefer) were luted in the roots. A thin-slice push-out test was performed, and the data of push-out strength were analyzed using three-way ANOVA with luting system, curing mode, and root region (apical, middle and coronal) as factors. Tukey's test was used for post-hoc comparisons. Results: The push-out strength of XP BOND-Dual Cure/Calibra was significantly lower when Calibra resin cement was self-cured than when it was dual-cured (SC&SC: 6.04 +/- 2.65 MPa; SC&DC: 10.69 +/- 3.01 MPa; DC&DC: 10.72 +/- 3.63 MPa; p lt 0.05). The curing modes did not affect the push-out strength of XP BOND-Dual Cure/FluoroCore 2 (SC&SC: 7.90 +/- 3.94 MPa; SC&DC: 8.32 +/- 2.73 MPa; DC&DC: 9.27 +/- 4.12 MPa; p > 0.05). The Coronal push-out strength was significantly higher than the apical push-out strength (p lt 0.05). Conclusion: Retention of fiber posts in root canals was affected by the curing modes of dual-curing luting system and root regions.en
dc.sourceJournal of Adhesive Dentistry
dc.subjectcuring modesen
dc.subjectpush-out strengthen
dc.subjectfiber posten
dc.subjectroot regionen
dc.titleEffect of curing modes of dual-curing luting systems and root regions on retention of translucent fiber posts in root canalsen
dcterms.abstractМагни, Елиса; Феррари, Марцо; Цхен, Ји-хуа; Wанг, Yинг-јие; Зханг, Линг; Радовић, Ивана;
dc.citation.other10(3): 219-226

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