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dc.creatorFercec, Janko
dc.creatorGlišić, Branislav
dc.creatorŠćepan, Ivana
dc.creatorMarković, Evgenija
dc.creatorStamenković, D.
dc.creatorAnžel, Ivan
dc.creatorFlasker, J.
dc.creatorRudolf, Rebeka
dc.description.abstractThis study was addressed to use knowledge about the orthodontic system with numerical simulation of the finite elements method. For the first time we simulated the stresses on the orthodontic system and, in this manner, calculated the orthodontic force on the tooth. A 3D orthodontic model or orthodontic system was designed resembling moderate crowding in the dental arch with all supporting structures. CATIA V5 computer software was used to set up a model for the orthodontic system and ABAQUS was used for simulation of the stresses on the orthodontic system. Our attention was focused on the stresses on the tooth lateral incisor and its periodontal ligament. The results of the numerical simulation showed complex stresses on the tooth lateral incisor and its periodontal ligament. In this paper there is presented a calculation of the orthodontic force acting on the tooth lateral incisor due to the orthodontic wire. This orthodontic force was calculated from the stresses on the bracket. The calculated orthodontic force was in the area which is considered as the optimal orthodontic force for movement of the tooth.en
dc.publisherPolish Acad Sciences Inst Physics, Warsaw
dc.relationEUREKA Programme Orto-NiTi within the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia
dc.relationSlovenian Research AgencySlovenian Research Agency - Slovenia
dc.sourceActa Physica Polonica A
dc.titleDetermination of Stresses and Forces on the Orthodontic System by Using Numerical Simulation of the Finite Elements Methoden
dcterms.abstractФласкер, Ј.; Шћепан, Ивана; Глишић, Бранислав; Марковић, Евгенија; Стаменковић, Д.; Aнжел, Иван; Рудолф, Ребека; Ферцец, Јанко;
dc.citation.other122(4): 659-665

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