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dc.creatorŽivković, Srđan
dc.creatorMajstorović, Nemanja
dc.creatorGlišić, Branislav
dc.creatorKramar, Davorin
dc.description.abstractPrecise and reproducible alignment of the coordinate system plays a key role in the processes of monitoring geometric parameters. In cases of long-term processes, which are executed in multiple phases, errors in setting the coordinate system can lead to wrong conclusions and mismanagement of these processes. Orthodontic therapy, ie teeth leveling, lasts for one year with controls every month. The geometric parameters (teeth positions) are monitored by the dental arch equations. During each control, the current state is compared with previous control. Conditio sine qua non is precisely and repeatably setting of the jaw's coordinate system. The ABO method (American Board of Orthodontics; digital model orientation) does not provide repeatability in successive controls. In this study, a new method of setting the coordinate system of the jaw is presented. To ensure as user-friendly procedure as possible a simple algorithm is listed. A case study on digital dental model analyses for dental arch curve mathematical definition is presented at the end of the study. This is an example of the application of engineering methods in non-engineering areas.en
dc.publisherSpringer-Verlag Berlin, Berlin
dc.sourceProceedings of the 12th International Conference on Measurement & Quality Control - Cyber Physical
dc.subjectCoordinate systemen
dc.subjectDigital dental modelen
dc.subjectDental arch curveen
dc.titleNew Improved Method of Setting the Jaw's Coordinate Systemen
dcterms.abstractЖивковић, Срђан; Глишић, Бранислав; Мајсторовић, Немања; Крамар, Даворин;
dc.citation.other: 170-184

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