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      Effect of different machine driven instrumentation techniques on the original root canal anatomy of the first maxillary molars [1]
      Effect of structure and size of different bone substitute particles on neoangiogenesis during bone regeneration [1]
      Effect of surgical technique and implant micro and macro design on stability of implants placed in posterior maxilla [1]
      Effect of upper airway changes on quality of life in patients underwent surgical correction of class III deformities [1]
      Effects of different dental appliances on prevalence of periodontal pathogens in oral cavity [1]
      Effects of various 3D biomaterials on osteoblastic differentiation of dental pulp mesenchymal cells [1]
      Efficacy analysis of application of reversible occlusal therapy in treating temporomandibular dysfunction - meta-analysis [1]
      Efficacy and safety of lidocaine with clonidine for intraoral local anaesthesia in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 [1]
      Efikasnost i bezbednost intraoralne lokalne anestezije primenom lidokaina sa klonidinom kod pacijenata sa dijabetes melitusom tip 2 [1]
      Eksperimentalno i kliničko ispitivanje uticaja hirurške tehnike na temperaturu kosti male gustine tokom preparacije ležišta i ugradnje implantata [1]
      Evaluacija ergonomskih faktora u stomatološkom radu i procena faktora rizika [1]
      Evaluacija fotometrijskih metoda u ispitivanju dimenzionalne stabilnosti elastomernih otisnih materijala [1]
      Evaluation of biological and physical properties of nanostructural biomaterials based on active calcium silicate systems and hydroxyapatite [1]
      Evaluation of bone regeneration in critical sized calvarial defects in rabbits with diabetes mellitus type I [1]
      Evaluation of ergonomic factors in dental practice and assessment of risk factors [1]
      Evaluation of oral health in hospitalized patients with schizophrenia [1]
      Evaluation of photometric methods in assessment of dimensional stability of elastomeric impression materials [1]
      Evaluation of prosthetic rehabilitation of shortened dental arch with different dental appliances. [1]
      Experimental and clinical study of effect of surgical technique on temperature of low density bone during implant site preparation and implant placement [1]
      Facial Soft-tissue Structure Changes After Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusions [1]