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      Facial Soft-tissue Structure Changes After Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusions [1]
      Genetic variability and risk of development of salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma: analysis of survivin, TP53 and matrix metalloproteinase 9 genes [1]
      Gingival and salivary endothelial growth factor in diabetes mellitus: significance in mechanical stress and oral homeostasis in immediate denture wearers [1]
      Helicobacter pylori in dental plaque in patients with gastric and duodenal disease [1]
      Heliobacter pylori u dentalnom plaku kod pacijenata sa oboljenjem želuca i duodenuma [1]
      Immunoreactivity to food protein in pathogenesis of recurrent oral ulceration [1]
      Impact of the lower third molar presence and position on the risk of fracture in the regions of mandibular angle and condyle [1]
      Imunoreaktivnost na proteine hrane u etiopatogenezi rekurentnih oralnih ulceracija [1]
      In-vitro ispitivanje karakteristika matičnosti ćelija poreklom od oralnog planocelularnog karcinoma [1]
      In-vitro study of stemness characteristics of cells originating from oral squamous cell carcinoma [1]
      Inactivation of human melanoma cells by carbon ion radiation: evaluation of radiobiological parameters and analysis of cell death signaling pathways [1]
      Inaktivacija ćelija melanoma čoveka zračenjem jonima ugljenika : određivanje radiobioloških parametara i analiza signalnih puteva ćelijske smrti [1]
      Influence of an early postoperative low-level laser treatment on the osseointegration of dental implants. [1]
      Influence of different physical and chemical modifications of titanium surface on its citocompatibility and immunomodulatory properties [1]
      Influence of HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy on periodontal tissue aging [1]
      Influence of photodynamic therapy and diode laser on successful endodontic treatment of young permanent teeth and biostimulation of stem cells from apical papilla [1]
      Influence of polymorphism of proinflammatory cytokines and receptors on serum cytokine level and clinical parameters of chronic periodontitis and Diabetes mellitus type 2. [1]
      Influence of recasting on biological and microstructural properties of dental alloys [1]
      Investigation of bond strength and interface between adhesive systems and hard dental tissues of decidious and permanent dentition [1]
      Isolation, cultivation and characterization of cells originating from tumor and tumor margin of patients with basal cell carcinoma in vitro [1]